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Celebration Equipment, Launchers, Cannons, Streamers & Confetti products:


Streamer Effects International has the impeccable reputation for selling “superior” quality, flameproof Streamers and Confetti products, our products are considered the “Best of the Best” by all professional standards!


We created the Streamer Effects Industry; we designed and Patented the “Original” Portable Streamer & Confetti Cannon Launchers as seen throughout the world today!


NO other company sells products that work better...



  • Worldwide Sales call us at: 506-372-9339.
  • Toll Free (USA & Canada only): 1-888-738-3367
  • For “Wholesale / Dealer’s Price Club” information call: 506-372-9339  
  • All prices are in USD
  • Canadian customers should call us direct for Canadian Prices.
  • Our “Streamers” our “Confetti” and our “Portable Launcher Cannons” are all made of USA manufactured materials! 
  • No Licenses or Permits are required!
  • EPA & Child Safe!
  • All our tissue products use 100% US Fire Marshal Approved Flame Retardants and are “Safe to Touch”.


Award Winning “Patented” Celebration Launcher systems

Tyrone Reveen’s Award Winning Patented Celebration Launcher systems are the most popular special effects projectiles used throughout the world by today’s Entertainment Professionals.


Portable High Performance Confetti Cannons

Ty Reveen (the founder of this company) invented the world’s first Portable High Performance Confetti Cannons. He also invented the world’s first Streamer Effects Cannons as an alternative to using fireworks. His revolutionary ideas have changed the entertainment industry forever. Our Streamer Effects simulate pyro effets safely, they’re great for multiple uses from smaller room celebrations, to Giant Stadium Events.


We manufacture the ”highest quality” Streamer and Confetti products in the world!

As the rapid, growing popularity of our products have spawned cheap quality and inferior working knock-off products, Streamer Effects International takes great pride in manufacturing the “highest quality” Streamer and Confetti products of any company!     As a result of our tremendous commitment to excellence, and our impeccable attention to detail, our products exceed the quality standards, performance ability and safety factors of all other manufactures.

No other company offers our “superior quality”, our “manufacturing excellence”, our  “Lifetime Warranties”, and our “North American Made” virtues!


USA Made Tissue / Color Fast Treated / Non Toxic / Flame Retardant

U.S. Fire Marshal Approved

The 8 reasons to buy our Confetti, Streamer and Celebration Launchers products:

  • Experience the Hottest “Celebration Effects” in the World!
  • SEI Special Effects give you the power to turn any occasion into a spectacular and unforgettable event!
  • SEI products are relied upon by Thousands of the World’s Biggest Events!
  • Brilliant eruptions of colors explode and cascade in all directions creating a stunning array of spellbinding effects that will amaze and astound everyone.
  • Safe & Simple to operate, indoors or outdoors, from small room parties, to the Giant Stadiums, these effects are the most sensational way to make every celebration complete.
  • No Licenses or Permits are required for using our products.
  • Don’t get burned by cheap working knock-offs!
  • All of the products manufactured by this company are considered Superior Quality by all professional Standards.