Lifetime Warranty

All SEI Celebration Launchers come with a Lifetime Warranty based on proper usage. If your Launcher stops working due to no fault of your own, then simply “contact us first” before you ship it to us, then, make sure you send it to the correct address that we have provided. Once we inspect your Launcher, we will assess the problem, and decide if it’s covered by warranty, if it is, we will fix it and return it to you via FedEx Ground. If your cannon is not covered under warranty we will contact you to give you some affordable options.

Please make sure you include a letter telling us your name, address, email & phone number to allow us to return it to you, or contact you to discuss options.

If you have a request about anything please don’t hesitate to call us at any time.

Thank You.

Streamer Effects International

SEI Return Policy:

Due to the impeccable effort that goes in to the quality of our products, return requests are virtually nonexistent.

SEI has designed a high speed manufacturing capability that saves us from over stocking, and still allows us to keep up with the demand for large orders.

Therefore many products are often made on the same day that we ship. As our distribution centers can only hold so much inventory, If you want to exchange one product you bought from us for a different product, you must call us first to allow us to figure out where you should send it, this will avoid us having it ship it twice to get to where we need it.

Once your product(s) have been returned to us, we will have it inspected and if it is still in perfect condition suitable for resale, we can exchange if for you for a fee of $20.00 to cover the handling cost of our sub-contractors for their time and labor. If a refund is requested there is a standard thirty percent payback reduction fee, but only if the products are still in perfect condition suitable for resale.

Due to a few deceptive customers in the past that have used our products for a one night event and then tried to refund it (so it cost them nothing) we have adopted a standard of not providing refunds on our Launcher or Cannons.




STEP # 1: Make sure the Launcher tube is empty before loading it! Any non-recommended objects that are placed in this tube are potentially very dangerous!

STEP # 2: Use “Quick-Load” packages of Streamers or Confetti made by SEI only! Use scissors to cut open the top of the pack. Drop the open end down deep into the Launcher tube. Wiggle the plastic sleeve as you pull upwards and remove the empty pack from the Launcher.

STEP # 3: At the base of the Launcher make sure the trigger mechanism is properly reset by pulling the arm upwards so it’s folded flush inside the release valve.

STEP # 4: Using your fingertips only, firmly screw the Co2 Cylinder into the release valve. You are Loaded!

WARNING: When the Co2 gas is activated it will cause the Cylinder to freeze. Do not allow the Co2 Cylinder to make contact with your body once it is activated to prevent freezer burn occurring to your skin!

STEP # 5: Hold the Launcher vertically. Ensure that the Co2 Cylinder faces away from your body. Raise the tube so that the top of the barrel is above your head and the heads of everyone around you. A minor kick-back will occur when the CO2 gas is released. Hold the tube firmly and aim it in a direction that is clear of any obstacles as to avoid causing any kind of damage! Do not aim towards power lines or telephone poles! USE COMMON SENSE!

STEP # 6: To activate the Launcher, take aim, hold firmly, Then take the string attached to the trigger mechanism and snap it down-wards with a QUICK FIRM STROKE. The Magic of the effect will happen!


  • This is a high powered Streamer & Confetti projectile system. It is designed for creating

Spectacular effects for entertainment purposes.

  • Do not attempt to demonstrate this effect to anyone until after you have memorized these instructions and rehearsed using this device!
  • This product is designed to use Streamer & Confetti products manufactured by S.E.I. Inc. only!
  • Do not allow anyone to handle, tamper-with or hold this Launcher after it has been loaded!
  • Keep this Launcher out of reach of children!
  • Do not attempt to alter this product in any way!
  • To avoid accidentally firing the Launcher: Attach the Co2 Cylinder just moments before activation!
  •  CO2 Cylinders must be handled with caution!
  • Do not expose any S.E.I. Streamers, Confetti, Co2 Cylinders or Launcher products to freezing temperatures. Avoid warping the Launcher by avoiding storing in extreme heat or direct sunlight!
  • Avoid knocking anything loose overhead or in the path of the streamers or confetti by allowing at least forty feet of clearance in the direction that the Launcher points when activating this effect.
  • Never look down the barrel of a loaded Launcher!
  • Do not use this cannon if it is damaged in any way!
  • SEI Portable Launchers/Cannons are designed for hand held use only!
  • Not to be used by anyone under eighteen years old!
  • Do not fire the cannon towards any persons or objects that may be damaged from the blast!
  • S.E.I. Inc. and its agents, employees & sales Person(s) will not be held liable for any damages to any person(s) or properties that might arise from the use or improper use of the Launcher system(s)!

U.S. PATENT # 5,015,211 & # 5,149,290

Copyright 1997 Streamer Effects International Inc.