Celebration Launchers, Cannons & Blowers

Portable High Performance Streamer Launchers and Confetti Cannons

All SEI Portable Streamer & Confetti Launchers come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Our Award Winning Patented Celebration Launcher systems are the most popular special effects projectiles used throughout the world by today’s Entertainment Professionals. United States Patent # 5,015,211 and # 5,149,290

Tyrone Reveen (the founder of this company) invented the world’s first Portable High Performance Confetti Cannons as well as the world’s first Streamer Effects Cannons as a safe alternative to using fireworks. His revolutionary ideas have changed the professional entertainment industry forever. They’re great for all celebration events from smaller room Parties , Nightclubs, to Giant Stadium Events.

Our Launcher Cannons “Do not shoot dangerous rubber bullets” like those cheap alternatives, nor do they require any “cardboard lift plugs” or “top caps”. NO other company in the world sells products that work better!

SEI Cannons shoot Streamer and/or Confetti products from 25’ to 60’ feet in the air. We also provide “Quick-Load” packages of Streamers and Confetti for speedy set-ups and reloading!

For maximum distance launching, choose the 32″ Launcher Cannons.